What This Michigan Election Witness Saw Will Make Your Blood Boil [VIDEO]

There needs to be a lot of people put to work in order to get an election to run smoothly.

Now, on that note, there also needs to be a lot of people put to work in order to get an election to be stolen smoothly.

The issue lies between what if someone that is trying to do things the right way sees someone acting crooked and then all of a sudden they are thrust into trying to save the country without totally realizing it.

Andrew Sitto, was a Republican poll challenger at the TCF Center in Detroit, claims he saw Democratic poll workers filling out ballots for Joe Biden. Sitto says he also witnessed an early morning delivery of hundreds of thousands of Biden votes to the facility. He claims that there were between 50 and 61 boxes brought to the center by three vehicles.

Andrew alleges that he watched various other methods of cheating.  He alleged that he witnessed people running the same votes through the tabulator multiple times. Witnesses have testified to the fact that poll workers duplicated ballots but Sitto claims there was no need to duplicate the ballots because the old ones were not damaged. We were not there, we did not see what happened.  It is up to you to decide whether you find this testimony credible.

The Gateway Pundit opined:

Sitto believes he and another poll challenger saw blatant voter fraud at one of the duplication tables, where poll workers are supposed to copy votes precisely from damaged ballots onto new ones. He saw the poll workers duplicating a mixed-ticket ballot while a group of Democrat operatives distracted and forced the Republican poll challenger away from the table. “The moment [the Republican poll challenger] looked away, they filled in the Democrat ticket.”

Sitto personally saw voter fraud in favor of Joe Biden in Detroit.

Sitto also described seeing poll workers running the same stacks of ballots multiple times though a tabulator. He also said poll workers grabbed handfuls of empty ballots and hid them at their tables. All poll workers had pens, which he believes could have been used to illegally fill out the blank ballots.

Sitto says that poll workers were stashing empty ballots, which he imagines were being saved so that they could later be used to fill in for Biden. This is clearly conjecture on his part and should be treated as such.  Sitto says he reported several instances of fraud but that the election officials just blew him off and did nothing about the cheating. Here is what Sitto is saying, in his own words, on video:

Sitto claims that when Republican poll watchers took a break, they were not allowed back in, citing ‘you know, the thing’ , yet no Democrat or member of the press were kept out according to his allegations. He also claims that the totally hid the counting of military ballots from the view of poll watchers.

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