You have to think that people in the service industry have seen it all and done it all.

A guy I know that works for a cable company once told me that he was in the middle of installing some multi-room setup in a house once when he was in the basement. Out of nowhere, he has a gun pulled on him by a cop.

As it turns out, there was a warrant out for the arrest of the guy whose cable he was installing, and they heard someone down in the basement. Now, not every story is going to be like that, but on occasion, you get a chance to do something good for someone.

There are many reasons to get your door locks changed or rekeyed, but most of them boil down to safety. Recently purchased a home with a history? Had a break-in? Concerned someone might have a key and unexpectedly show up?

All excellent reasons for calling a locksmith — and that’s precisely what one woman from Midway, Utah, did, according to KSTU-TV in Salt Lake City.

The unidentified woman set up an appointment to get the locks rekeyed as she had an ex in possession of a key and she didn’t want him making an unannounced appearance.

But he did. On Oct. 1, he allegedly got into her house, took the woman’s phone, assaulted her and then threatened to harm himself and burn the house down.

The next day was the woman’s previously scheduled appointment with the locksmith. When he showed up, he immediately sensed that something was “off.”

“There was a gentleman that was kind of hovering over her, you know, wouldn’t get really more than a foot away from her,” the locksmith, who asked to be identified only by his first name, Greg, told KSTU.

He thought the behavior was odd, and it unsettled him, but then the woman made a move that made it clear in no uncertain terms that she needed help.

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