Muslims would rather become refugees than stay and fight for their freedom.

A recent video emerged that displays the clear difference between Americans and refugees in Denmark. Freedom is the ultimate goal and the reason so many desire an American citizenship, after all this is the land of the free. However America and its citizens fights for that freedom and have been doing so from the very beginning. Muslim refugees would prefer to run away and let American soldiers fight for them.

Only cowards flee when they should fight, than go and live off the handouts of another country  as refugees.

Via Young Cons:

Muslims from the Middle East who have become “refugees” to Europe are immigrating to avoid having to fight for their own freedom back home and instead are happy for U.S. troops to take their place, an outrageous new video shows.

The video features an American soldier asking several Muslim immigrants just why they have come to Denmark instead of staying home to fight for their own freedom.

The immigrants claimed to be thankful that American soldiers were fighting for Muslim freedom in places like Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, they certainly didn’t want to have any part of the fighting themselves.

“I’m no need go — go to the war,” one Muslim immigrant told the interviewer. He also admitted that he opposed ISIS, yet instead of staying to fight them he said, “Yeah, I’m coming here.”

Watch Here:

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