As Hurricane Harvey hits the shores of Texas and Louisiana President Trump was sure to reach out to Governor Abbott and Governor John Bel Edwards.

Of course, the mainstream media won’t report on this. God forbid them reporting on something good the president has done! Well, that’s why we’re here, to report the truth on the good that our President has done. Trump made a call to the governors of Louisiana and Texas to offer them any resources they may need.

Trump rescues Governor Abbott

Liberty Writers| Trump is handling his first hurricane ahead of schedule.

Here is what Gov. John Bel Edwards said.

 Spoke w/ @POTUS @realDonaldTrump this afternoon. He offered his full support to the people of LA as we prepare for #Harvey. #lagov #lawx

— Gov John Bel Edwards (@LouisianaGov) August 24, 2017

This is why Trump is an amazing President. He is on top of it. And good thing… look what is barrelling down Texas’ coast.

Instead of Shifting funds to foreign entities or illegal immigrant’s welfare, he spreads FEMA funding where it belongs, helping Americans in a time of disaster. That IS my President! I’m proud to see how on top of things President Trump is.

Trumps handling of his first hurricane looks very promising. How can you not see how much this man loves America and how hard he is working to make his presidency a successful one? Thank you, President Trump! You are a good MAN!! GOD BLESS YOU!

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