Idiot Protestor Hit In Nuts With Pepper Ball Now Hit With Assault Charges

Joshua Stuart Cobin is the newest extreme left protester crying police brutality, too bad the video footage shows American citizens the truth.

A well known saying, ‘what goes around comes around,’ made an epic appearance in the life of Alt-left extreme protester Joshua Stuart Cobin during his pathetic attempt at revenge against police officers protecting the innocent citizens attending the scheduled Trump speech in Phoenix, Arizona this week.

Cobin was immersed in the group of unruly protesters needing to be forcibly removed from outside the venue after being asked multiple times and refusing to leave peacefully. This forced removal included the dispensing of tear gas and non lethal pepper ball ammunition.

Watch Here:

Via IJR:

It was the nut shot heard around the world. A protester — now identified as Joshua Stuart Cobin of Scottsdale, Arizona — was shot in the groin by a pepper ball after he kicked a tear gas canister back at police outside of President Donald Trump’s rally Tuesday in Phoenix.

Now, he’s facing assault charges. Cobin was arrested Thursday night and charged with three felony counts of aggravated assault on police and a misdemeanor for unlawful assembly, according to CBS 5.

“I don’t equate kicking or putting back tear gas canisters as attacking police. I never attacked a police officer,” he said in an interview. “That was not an unlawful assembly and that I had every right to be there. And that tear gas was in the way of myself and every other peacefully assembled protesters being there.”

The left and mainstream media would have Americans believing Joshua Stuart Cobin is a victim of police brutality despite the video footage of Cobin exhibiting disorderly behavior. This continued approval of violent behavior from the Democratic Party is unacceptable and retaliation by police officers is to be expected. Disobeying the ‘peaceful’ guidelines for protesting is the realistic explanation of the events that unfolded but liberals don’t live in a realistic manner, obviously.