Transgender Who Called Misgendering VIOLENT Hit With Big Time Truth Bomb…..THEY ARE DONE!

There is nothing worse in this world than people that confuse real problems for fake problems.

It is like when you are on a long flight and someone complains about the wifi being down or something. Yeah, I really had that happen about six months ago. I was traveling somewhere on an eight-hour flight and for about two hours the wifi was down for whatever reason. There was someone on the flight that about wanted to have a fit over it.

Do you know what I did when they said the wifi was down? I looked at my phone and decided I was going to spend ten minutes trying to figure out which book, TV show, game or movie that I had on my phone already that I was going to entertain myself with.

The fact of the matter is, there are some people that don’t see things for what they really are. I

When the 2020 Democrats pander, they leave no cause behind.

That was on glaring display Thursday night in Los Angeles during a town hall on LGBT rights when the party’s presidential contenders differed only on the degree they were willing to suspend reality and common sense to grab what could be important votes in the primary contest.

But a question fielded by former House and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro might have summed it up the best.

A transgender member of the audience going by the name of Shagasyia “Shea” Diamond (that nickname is pronounced Shee-yah, by the way — it’s going to matter) took the microphone to pose a question to Castro.

Moderator and CNN reporter Nia-Malika Henderson made the mistake of saying Diamond’s nickname as “Shay” — and was promptly treated to a lecture on the outrage she’d just committed.

“It’s violent to misgender or to alter the name of a trans person,” Diamond said. “So, always get that right first.”

What followed was a question about whether Castro intended, if elected, to have a group of “trans people” around to advise him on trans issues.

Castro would, of course. This is a guy so “woke” to transgenders he supports abortions for men who’ve decided they’re really women — despite the fact that it’s biologically impossible for them to get pregnant.

What pushed this to the real lunatic fringe is Diamond’s criminal past.

According to the alternate-lifestyle themed, Diamond spent the decade between ages 20 and 30 doing time in a Michigan prison for armed robbery.

The story was that the robbery was aimed at raising money for gender reassignment surgery — an operation that runs in the neighborhood of $7,000 to $24,000 for the male-to-female version, according to LiveScience.

Diamond was nailed robbing a convenience store at gunpoint, according to Billboard. So either Michigan convenience stores are wealthier targets than they are in most places, or that’s not the whole story.


The point here is that the person doing the lecturing at that Democratic LGBT fest about the supposed violence of words has a prison record for engaging in the real thing.