There are a lot of people that I see living in Florida that make it a point to not bother to buy some big giant house. It’s a good idea in some respects.

So many aspects of life today don’t really require you to have to live in some giant house or have a massive room dedicated to one thing. You want every movie you have ever liked? Good, you can put it on a device the size of a deck of cards.

Shoot, I know several people personally that live in Florida that have lived her for most of the past twenty years that have never had a proper mailing address outside of a PO Box. They do have a standing spot at a year-round RV park where if they want to take two weeks and drive to the other side of the state they don’t have to worry about where they are parking when they come back.

Minimalism is a growing trend … or rather, a shrinking one. That is, many people are putting their bigger lifestyles behind them in exchange for what has become known as “tiny living.”

With popular television shows such as HGTV’s “Tiny House, Big Living” and “Tiny House Hunters” making this type of lifestyle seem more than appealing, families have downsized, giving up old dreams for new ones.

There are many different reasons behind “tiny living.” For some, it’s about saving money, and for others, it’s about travel and the ability to pick up and go anywhere, anytime.

Whatever the reason, the trend is spreading. It’s not just small families or singles or newlyweds, either. Large families can live it up in a tiny life, too.

The Hargers are one such family. They left their home behind and took up residence in an RV — all six of them. Homeschool mom Heather Harger gave her followers an inside look at how her family managed life in an RV in 2014.

“We get asked all the time how our family of six manages to live in our RV,” Heather Harger said in a YouTube video. “So we’d thought we’d give you a little sneak-peek tour.”

From creative storage to hidden seating, this RV has everything. Even the microwave, which the family rarely used, became a place to store cookbooks!

Take a look inside this tiny house and see for yourself just how possible it is to downsize. This is truly something!

Heather Harger discussed tiny living in a separate video in which she addressed the idea that many people are curious about.

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