The thing that people seemingly do not understand about Joe Biden is that the guy has been around a long time, and knows every move to make in order to game the system.

Think about it, he has been around through several different presidents.. When he started the voting age was still 21. Why is it that people think he’s this kindly old man that will do what’s right?

Face it, people, the guy is crooked and knows how to get money out of people. You don’t really think all those campaign donations are going to bumper stickers and lawn signs do you?

Yesterday, the former chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, Matthew Borges was arrested in connection with a year-long $60 million federal bribery scheme.

That’s where the mainstream ‘destroy-Trump’ media would like you to stop reading.  A corrupt Republican that casts shade on President Trump’s party.  But there’s more to the story.

Last month, Borges joined with former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci in launching Right Side PAC with the intention of helping Joe Biden defeat President Trump in November,

(ENROhio Speaker of the House Larry Householder [R] and four political allies, including the former chairman of the state Republican Party, were arrested and charged with accepting bribes from a company identified as nuclear energy provider FirstEnergy Corp.

The company and its affiliates paid more than $60 million to a 501(c)(4) entity called Generation Now that Householder, his aide Jeffrey Longstreth, lobbyist Neil Clark, lobbyist and former Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matthew Borgesand political consultant Juan Cespedes are alleged to have controlled…

Add this to yesterday’s news that Never-Trumper’s Steve Schmidt, John Weaver, Rick Wilson, and George Conway, founders of the Lincoln Project, another PAC aimed at defeating Trump, have ties to Russia and have their own tax problems.

(NY PostThe founders of the Lincoln Project, a headline-grabbing anti-Trump political action committee formed by GOP operatives who describe the president as a “crook” and “huckster,” have their own checkered dealings with Russia and the tax man, documents obtained by The Post reveal…

… the group — which the National Review on Monday dubbed “The Grifter Project” and Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) last week dismissed as a “cabal of political consultants all in it for the money” — don’t exactly practice what they preach.

There are few people left who trust those in government, or who earn their living from the myriad of cottage industries that have grown up around government… lobbyists, political consultants, etc… with good reason…

These Never-Trumpers… from both sides of the aisle… want President Trump out of the way so that they can continue their graft…