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Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is calling out Colin Kaepernick for being hypocritical, raising awareness without a clear call to action to help these individuals without a clear plan of action to help the black community.

Bryant made these comments on the “I Am Athlete” podcast during a conversation with fellow NFL stars Chad Ochocinco, Brandon Marshall, and several others. “I respect Colin Kaepernick,” Bryant began. “But there is one thing about him that I don’t respect and that is that for myself when I get the opportunity to get on the stage and say it, I would say it. And I love Colin to death. So there ain’t no hate or nothing like that,” Bryant said.

“But brotha, you had the biggest opportunity in the world to create jobs, to build jobs, to give jobs to people. The people that you was talking about. The people that you were so-called ‘standing up for,'” he continued.

“People who stood beside you, people who lost their jobs because of you,” Bryant added. “Where you at? I ain’t heard from you. He brought the awareness and that’s why I respect him.”

Of course, Dez Bryant’s comments on social media raised the ire of some of his fellow liberals, such as Jemele Hill. She called him “uniformed” about projects that Kaepernick had backed several projects for social justice, including the “Know Your Rights Camp” for children.

Bryant issued a response to his in a tweet last Monday:

“Y’all missed the message and I’m fine with that,” tweeted Bryant, “me speaking on Kap was about unity.. kap leading the charge…. a ton of us athletes have donated a lot of money and yet to own anything (ownership).”

Indeed, Bryant has a history of speaking his mind and antagonizing his fellow liberals. He wrote in 2017 that many in the black community were being held back because of a lack of personal accountability, not historical racism.

The star wide receiver is currently a free agent after playing for eight years with the Dallas Cowboy and then spending a season with the Baltimore Ravens. He is presently a free agent.


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