They Saw This Snake With A Giant Bulge, Then They Noticed What Was Missing (VIDEO)

A few years ago, there was this special on television where this guy who studied snakes for a living was going to let himself get swallowed by a giant snake.

I’m not making any of this up. The plan was that he was going to put on a crush proof suit or something like that and allow the snake to swallow him.

From what I recall they got about halfway in before they pulled him out when they kept looking at his heart monitor and realized he was one wrong move away from being crushed for real.

If you’re like me, sometimes your eyes are bigger than your stomach. I often put more food on my plate when it is especially tasty. Perhaps my wife has just slow roasted some baby back ribs and baked some cheddar macaroni and cheese. It’s going to be hard for me not to put a few extra scoops on my plate.

While it is not great for my beer belly, it certainly tastes good going down. So for that reason, I can understand why this 20 foot python decided to eat a bull calf. But not only could this python not digest the gargantuan meal, it almost killed it. In the video below, you’ll watch as this giant python tries to keep the blue bull calf inside its stomach. It is certainly not an easy feat.

 The python has eaten so much it cannot even move. You can hear the people around it moaning and groaning at the realization of what this huge python decided to put into its stomach. It is just crazy that this reptile could swallow a blue bull calf in one gulp. No wonder it put its life at risk. That animal is much too big to eat in one shot.

This video has been on the internet for about a year but has become popular again in recent weeks because it shows such a shocking situation. While pythons are known for eating their prey whole – and often taking on more than they can finish – this was a totally unique situation.

The YouTube description below comes from Newslions Media Network. They describe what happened and the snake’s fate.

 “A 20-ft-long Indian rock python swallowed a blue bull calf in the forest of Gir, Junagarh, India. After swallowing the animal heavier than its weight, the python was spotted by a farmer lying idle in a filed. The reptile looked helplessly here and there, but couldn’t move an inch from its position.”

As you can tell from the video, people gathered about watching the snake struggle for its life.