An arrogant little brat teen thought he could pull a Bruce Lee chokehold move on a highly trained officer…boy, was he wrong! This video was uploaded by the teens mother, who then uploaded the controversial photo to facebook. Now, (liberals) are losing their friggin’ minds, and say the officer was in the wrong. What do you think?

VIA| This story was sad by itself, but what made it tragic was how the boy’s mother and some Internet users chose to respond to it.

“When am done you mf going to no not to f*** with my kids will b at my lawyer office in the morning,” she wrote on Facebook after the incident occurred.

By Monday morning, her post been viewed more than 1 million viewers and had been shared more than 16,000 times. It also received over 7,000 comments, far too many of them were supportive of what she wrote.

As one wrote: “One day a cop gon do this to the wrong dude in the wrong place and the whole hood gonna come out bussin”

Not only did the woman’s post exhibit a great deal of ignorance in regard to proper writing, but it also displayed some seriously bad parenting skills.

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  1. bountyhunter

    don’t like what the cop did ? here’s an idea … STOP BREAKING THE FREAKIN LAW …… dumbass


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