Ted Cruz Just Took Stacey Abrams And Totally Destroyed Her!

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) grilled former Democratic Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams about whether she still believed the 2018 race was stolen from her during a Tuesday hearing regarding Georgia’s new election laws.

“It’s been over two years, and you still refuse to concede that you lost the race for governor in Georgia in 2018,” Cruz said, citing Abrams’ previous hesitation to concede the race.

“Yes or no, do you still maintain the 2018 election was stolen?” Sen. Cruz Abrams pressed.

“As I’ve always said, I acknowledged at the very beginning that Brian Kemp won under the rules that were in place. But I object to our rules that permitted thousands of Georgia voters to be denied their participation in this election… so I will continue to disagree with the system until it is fixed.”

Cruz again asked Abrams whether or not the 2018 election was stolen.

The 2018 results for Georgia state Governor show that Gov. Kemp won with 1,978,408 votes and Abrams had 1,923,685 votes.

Even after Abrams’ loss, she did not concede and told supporters to wait for full counts of absentee ballots to ‘narrow the gap’ according to a report from Vox.

“The unofficial election results show Kemp with a lead of more than 63,000 votes – a gap Abrams has closed from 75,000 since election night – in an election where nearly 4 million ballots were cast. In Georgia, a runoff is triggered when neither candidate secures 50% plus one vote, which Abrams’s team claimed could happen if she gains 25,632 votes,” according to a 2018 report from The Guardian.

Abrams has dismissed accusations from Georgia’s secretary of state comparing her 2018 refusal to concede to former President Trump who did the same.

“Abrams pushed back against that assertion on CNN, noting that hundreds of thousands of voters were purged from state voter rolls before her race went to the ballot box,” The Hill found.

The video below shows Senator Ted Cruz pressing Stacey Abrams where she said the election was “stolen from the voters of Georgia. We do not know what they would have done because not every eligible Georgian was permitted to participate fully in the election.”

Senator Ted Cruz noted that 56.3% Black Georgian’s voted in the 2018 election for governor and they had the highest registration and highest turnout in 2018.

Watch it here: Sen.Ted Cruz/Youtube

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