Philonese Floyd, George Floyd’s brother became a natural spokesperson for the BLM movement after the highly publicized death of his brother. He has surrounded by shakedown artists Al Sharpton, race-agitator and US Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee, and multi-millionaire chaser of black victims, lawyer Benjamin Crump. “I wish George were here to see this right now. … I’m marching for George. For Breonna. For Ahmaud. For Jacob,” he told a massive crowd of BLM protesters in Washington DC.

A reward of $27 million settlement given to Philonese and the Floyd family as the largest pre-trial civil rights wrongful death settlement in U.S. history by the Minneapolis City Council 7 months later.

Floyd’s Black victim chaser lawyer Ben Crump released the following statement:

“This historic agreement, the largest pre-trial settlement in a civil rights wrongful death case in u.s. history, makes a statement that george floyd’s life mattered and by extension that black lives matter. it sends a message that the unjust taking of a black life will no longer be written off as trivial, unimportant, or unworthy of consequences.”

Two days after George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, MN, his brother, Philonise Floyd, started a GoFundMe account to raise money for his estate and for “grief counseling.”

Philonese was able to raise a stunning $14,723,100 before he turned the Go-Fund-Me account off.

Together, the Floyd family, along with their ambulance chaser lawyer Benjamine Crump, have so far and pulled down an incredible $41 million over the death of George Floyd. As of this moment, the cause of George Floyd’s death has still not been proven in court.

The GoFundMe description, written by Philonise, mentions that the funds they collect will help to cover the costs of a funeral.

George was buried in a gold casket and placed in a mausoleum as part of his elaborate funeral.


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