How funny is that the News station that called President Trump racist and hammered him on how he treats women is being sued for a $50 million discrimination law suit. Funny that no one cared to bring that up during the election. Clinton News Network is just as corrupt as Hillary Clinton herself. Glad that all this information is finally being brought to the public eye.

VIA| Two black employees have filed a lawsuit against CNN, citing discrimination.

Kind of a big deal, no?

From The Hill:

Two African-American employees have filed a class-action lawsuit against CNN, Turner Broadcasting and its parent company, Time Warner, alleging racial discrimination.

The two plaintiffs in the lawsuit are identified as Celeslie Henley and Ernest Colbert Jr. Henley is a former executive administrative assistant at CNN, while Colbert is still employed by Turner as a senior manager at TBS.

“The current workplace culture utilizes practices that discourages or prohibit minorities from exercising their rights under employment discrimination statutes,” they allege in the lawsuit, filed on Wednesday.

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