Not only did Hillary lose the election, but she just lost the recount, too. I don’t know if it’s a run of bad luck or if her colleagues have it out for her, but she is constantly being humiliated by the people that once stood by her side. Hopefully Hillary Clinton has gotten the hint: it’s time to retire from politics.

VIA| The only thing worse than losing the election is losing the recount that someone else demanded for an unknown reason. (Yes, we know Jill Stein claimed to have evidence of voter fraud, but we’re still waiting for proof.)

I’m almost beginning to feel bad for Hillary Clinton. Not enough that I have any actual sympathy for her, but when you think about it, her greed drove her to desire one thing in life and that was power. She was denied that by a man she absolutely hated and now she is being kicked while she’s down.

Let’s hope she takes the hint and stays out of politics for the rest of her days.

A federal judge in Michigan has officially stopped the recount demanded by Jill Stein. This means there is absolutely no chance of Hillary gaining enough electoral votes to reverse the decision made by the American people on November 8th.

Not that the recounts were doing her any favors before the one in Michigan was halted. In fact, Trump gained 100+ votes out of it! Can’t say I’m sad to see that, considering Stein alleged that there was fraud occurring.

This will be the 3rd official loss for Hillary Clinton. First, in 2008 when Barack Obama beat her out for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. Second, November 8, 2016 where she lost to bombastic businessman Donald Trump. Finally, December 8, 2016, the day the Michigan recount was stopped.

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