Political turmoil in America is ever increasing and George Soros is personally responsible for the increase in criminal activity from extreme Left Activists groups such as Antifa.


The liberal agenda consists of gun control, open boarders, equal voting rights and easy access to welfare for all and abortion just to name a few. George Soros is an extreme liberal billionaire who is personally funding 187 organizations that all consist of one or more of the aforementioned focus points of the liberal party and are working unison under the control of one man in order to cripple the structure of the American government by undermining the process for a fair voting process free of bribery.


There have been many articles written about George Soros and his collectivist activism. Soros is a business magnate, investor, philanthropist, and author who is of Jewish-Hungarian ancestry and holds dual citizenship. He is chairman of Soros Fund Management. Discover the Networks has published a comprehensive list of organizations funded by Soros and his Open Society Institute.

Some of these groups have actively opposed Donald Trump for president and may be part of the recent levels of violence and chaos seen at his rallies. Many of the groups favor: open borders, amnesty, giving illegals voting rights, Muslim migration and social justice.

For a complete list of all Soros funded organizations with clear and open hatred for American values and the current President click here.

America Coming Together: Soros played a major role in creating this group, whose purpose was to coordinate and organize pro-Democrat voter-mobilization programs.

America Votes: Soros also played a major role in creating this group, whose get-out-the-vote campaigns targeted likely Democratic voters.

Ballot Initiative Strategy Center: This organization seeks to advance “a national progressive strategy” by means of ballot measures—state-level legislative proposals that pass successfully through a petition (“initiative”) process and are then voted upon by the public.

Bill of Rights Defense Committee: This group provides a detailed blueprint for activists interested in getting their local towns, cities, and even college campuses to publicly declare their opposition to the Patriot Act, and to designate themselves “Civil Liberties Safe Zones.” The organization also came to the defense of self-described radical attorney Lynne Stewart, who was convicted in 2005 of providing material support for terrorism.

Black Alliance for Just Immigration: This organization seeks to create a unified movement for “social and economic justice” centered on black racial identity.

This outside influence on government policies needs to stop!

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