James Woods Retires After Saying He’s BLACKLISTED for His Conservative Views

James Woods, Hollywood actor and conservative, has announced his retirement from the industry.

Woods claims that being a conservative makes it hard to get acting jobs and is ready to retire from the entertainment industry.

He made his decision just weeks after being blacklisted in Hollywood because of his conservative views.

His hopes are to simplify his life by ending his acting career and selling his many real estate holdings.

James Woods wants to spend more time on himself doing the things he loves like photography, antiquing and poker.

According to foxnews:

Woods tweeted this summer that he had “accepted the fact that” he was blacklisted from Hollywood because of his views.

He has said being conservative has made it tough to find work in Hollywood the past few years.


The “Casino” actor has twice been nominated for an Academy Award and has won an Emmy Award three times.  His movie credits include “Salvador (1986)” and “Ghosts of Mississippi (1996),” both of which earned him a nomination for an Oscar. He’s also played H.R. Haldeman in Oliver Stone’s “Nixon (1995),” starred alongside Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford in Sydney Pollack’s “The Way We Were (1973)” and was also in Martin Scorsese’s epic crime drama “Casino (1995).”

Woods was a Hollywood favorite — and a Democrat — until at least 1998, when he broke ranks with the party after former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

He said on Twitter that he switched parties because of his disgust with the former president. 

“Every single #Democrat without exception stood behind a convicted perjurer,” he wrote on Twitter this summer. “That was the end.”

His luck in Hollywood turned sour soon after he became a Republican. He has not had a major role in a film in at least a decade.

The news of his retirement was included in a press release issued by Woods’ real estate agent offering Woods’ Rhode Island lake house for sale.

Woods adds there are many conservative stars who didn’t speak up because “the blacklist against conservatives in Hollywood is very real.”