It is one thing to go off on a tangent when about the media when you are giving a big speech in front of a good number of people.

Added to that, when you are running for office you have to understand that you are going to be asked every question about everything under the sun and that you are going to have to prepare yourself for some things that might be a little embarrassing.

Which is why Joe Biden needs to understand that when he gets asked a random question by a reporter as he is stepping off a plane to not lose his mind over it.

When you are royalty (or when you think you are in this case) no one is allowed to question you, your family, your dealings, your corruption etc.  No single man better exemplifies this sense of entitlement than Joey B.

The way the media ignored the most important story of the election cycle, combined with how social media companies censored the story is all the proof I need to believe that there is a much, much, much different set of rules for Joe than there is for ‘The Donald.’  While Joey was not even asked about the email in the sham town hall a few nights ago, Trump was asked for the umpteenth time to ‘disavow‘ white supremacy.

Rather than hosting a town hall event, most people thought that Trump was actually debating Savannah Guthrie as a stand in for Joe Biden.

On the other hand it is very telling when you see how Biden reacts when finally being asked about, what appears to be,IMHO, bombshell emails exposing incredible corruption, all that has been alleged by Trump and researchers over the years.  Let’s be clear, the emails are not yet substantiated as authentic, however, the fact that the Biden camp is not saying they are fake, suggests to me that they are the real deal.

Fox News reported:

‘Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was finally asked about the explosive New York Post report that alleges emails show his son made millions trading on his father’s influence.

His response? “I have no response.”

After not being asked about the growing controversy surrounding Hunter Biden at the ABC News town hall by moderator George Stephanopoulos, the former vice president spoke to reporters outside his private jet Friday following his campaign events in Michigan. And when he was approached about the subject by CBS News reporter Bo Erickson, Biden went after the journalist. 

“Mr. Biden, what is your response to the New York Post story about your son, sir?” Erickson asked. 

“I know you’d ask it,” Biden fired back. “I have no response, it’s another smear campaign, right up your alley, those are the questions you always ask.”

The Biden 2020 presidential campaign previously responded to the Post story on Wednesday, saying the former vice president “carried out official U.S. policy toward Ukraine and engaged in no wrongdoing,” and that “Trump administration officials have attested to these facts under oath.”

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