It seems that whenever the people at CNN have someone on the air that they remotely have a problem with that the first thing they do is try to make them out like the worst person in the world.

Like this recent situation with Ice Cube for example. Say what you want about his music or his movies, Cube is a guy that wants to try and better the world that he lives in. If he has to talk to Donald Trump to get things done, people have been doing that for decades.

At the end of the day, Chris Cuomo needs to stop acting like such a petulant child

First of all, when Chris Cuomo, arguably the dumbest of the Cuomos, introduced Ice Cube to his show he called him “brother.”  “Thank you for taking the opportunity, brother, I appreciate it.”  Cube sat there with a look on his face that said he wanted to say “don’t call me brother,” but then he thanked Cuomo for having him and right away scolded Fredo for saying his lead-in are a little misleading.

Of course they’re misleading.  It’s CNN for goodness’ sake.

Cube reminded the anchor that he created the “Contract With Black America” and not the “Platinum Plan” that Cuomo teased.  He also pointed out that he didn’t run to work with any campaign, as Cuomo, and others, have tried to say that Cube chose Donald Trump over Joe Biden.  He told the CNN audience that both campaigns contacted him, and that both campaigns wanted to talk to him about the Contract With Black America.  The Biden campaign told him they love what he has, but they won’t talk to him about it until after the election, while the Trump people said they love what he has and they wanted to talk to him right away.

So, to correct Fredo who was insinuating that Cube chose Trump over Biden, the truth of the matter is the Biden campaign didn’t want to talk to him while Trump campaign did, and so he talked about his program with the campaign that wanted to talk about it.  It wasn’t choosing one over the other at that point.

This was plain as day after Cube explained it, but Cuomo wasn’t having any of it.  Cuomo was trying to make it sound like he was running to the Trump side over Biden, because liberals, especially the dumb ones, think in binary terms when it come to politics.  You are either full blown progressive or you’re a white supremacist.  What a moron.

Fredo then argued with him on a petty point, saying, “I didn’t say you ran to anybody.  I said you had taken a pivot.”  What’s the difference, Chris?

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