Members of the so-called congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack at the Capitol are now busy overhauling the complexity of the Electoral Count Act of 1887.

In recent weeks, Dems are pushed to rewrite the Electoral Count Act of 1887 because they know it’s to their disadvantage if they don’t.

Deep State Rabbit Hole reported:

Members of the kangaroo court investigating the Capitol riot “are preparing a push for changes to the Electoral Count Act of 1887 in order to help avert the possibility of another day like January 6.” Why? Because Trump was right and the rules say he can do what he tried to do.

“That law covers procedures for formally certifying the outcome of the presidential election.” Trump and his allies “wanted then-Vice President Mike Pence, in his role overseeing the certification proceedings, to block certain electoral votes.”

That’s some sneaky liberal wording. The plan was not for Pence to block anything directly, simply to enforce the existing rules. That was his only job that day. Lead the proceedings in accordance with the law. He was intimidated by Democrats who hounded him with misdirection and propaganda ahead of the event.

Once the barbarians breached the gates, any chance of exercising obscure principles went out the shattered window.

We know Trump is right all along, but these left-leaning socialist Democrats want the other way around. As this radically progressive CNN writes into context, “the uncertain way in which the Electoral Count Act was formulated.”

Meanwhile, all of the sudden these hypocrites have something to fear of:

“Could provide an excuse for similar pushes in the future, since Trump has repeatedly claimed there to be some kind of legal justification for his pressure on Pence.”

Well, well. It’s in the rules. There WAS legal justification for his pressure for the Vice-President to act like a patriot and do his constitutional duty.

Then, the left-leaning outlet admits:

“know that we came precariously close to a constitutional crisis, because of the confusion in many people’s minds that was obviously planted by the former president as to what the Congress’s role actually was.”

Deep State Rabbit Hole has more of this report:

There must have been a basis since they want to change the rules now to close the loophole. Adam Schiff is terrified it won’t happen.

“There are a few of us on the committee who are working to identify proposed reforms that could earn support across the spectrum of liberal to conservative constitutional scholars. We could very well have a problem in a future election that comes down to an interpretation of a very poorly written, ambiguous and confusing statute.” It’s only confusing to Democrats.

The rules clearly allow “for objections to certain electoral votes to be raised by members of Congress during the certification process, and if at least one member from the House and one member of the Senate back the objection, then the matter moves to a vote. Congress can set aside certain electoral votes if a majority in each chamber agrees, raising the stakes of what’s at issue.” That’s all Trump was trying to do then. Obviously, it was legal. No insurrection, case closed.

Sources: Deepstaterabbithole, Nytimes, Dentonrc

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