She Fired Multiple Rounds Into The McDonald’s Drive Thru After… [VIDEO]

I totally get the idea of making sure that you get what you have paid for when you buy something, but the one thing that people have to realize is that folks in the service industry make mistakes.

No restaurant is ever going to get things perfect one hundred percent of the time. Especially at fast food places.

In these, you have a group of employees that are often on their first or second job they’ve ever had. There’s a lot of moving parts to a fast food place. Things get busy. Things get backed up.

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way that we as customers want them. It’s also why we need to manage our fast food expectations.

Not saying that getting something wrong on purpose is ok on the part of the restaurant mind you. I’m saying that people do need to realize that when you pull up to a McDonald’s drive thru for example that you are going to probably have a situation where something is missing or wrong.

That’s why I wish more people would do what I do in the rare instances I get something from a fast food place. If I go to the drive thru, once they hand me my order I will then pull into a parking spot and check every single thing to make sure it was there.

Having been on both sides of the McDonald’s window, I can sympathize with both the employee and the customer. The customer doesn’t want to get an incomplete order, and the employee doesn’t want what might be an honest mistake to turn into something where the police get involved.

A woman from Texas has been put in jail after she became irate beyond reason when the McDonald’s she had just picked breakfast up from forgot her hash browns. Did she pull in and walk into the location to let them know?

Nope, she pulled out her gun and fired at the store. Samantha Anthony drove away from the store and at some point figured out that she was missing the hash browns. She returned to the store and began banging on the drive thru window.

At some point in all of this madness, Samantha’s boyfriend then showed up and began arguing with the staff as well. It’s entirely unclear if there was some sort of underlying issue that caused these two to snap over some missing hash browns.

The situation having reached a fever pitch, she then pulled out a gun and fired eight shots at the drive thru window. It took police investigators six months to find her and arrest her. At present she faces one count of assault with a deadly weapon.

It just goes to show that some folks need to manage their expectations when they are visiting the Golden Arches…