Her Braless Senior Photos Made The School Flip Their Wigs, But Were They Overreacting…

Few topics generate more discussion and attention than the school dress code over the years that millions of children attend middle and high school.

Short shorts and other types of tight-fighting clothes, especially on girls, are typically the reason for the most worry, as are shirts with profane or “controversial” statements on them.

Recently, one high school senior decided to take a stand at her high school when she wore an outfit to school that she was quickly punished for by school administrators.

Kaitlyn Juvik Went Bra-Less To High School, Sparks Controversy

It all began with a single complaint from an unidentified person regarding a “dress code violation,” and as a result, it became a national news story and sparked a debate that may last for years.

Kaitlyn Juvik, an obviously attractive Montana teen with an eye-catching grin and wide, brown eyes, sparked a firestorm of controversy and indignation when she chose not to wear a bra to school one morning.

Juvik, a high school senior, was reprimanded after her school claimed the shirt was see-through, which she denied.

Someone reportedly complained that Kaitlyn’s attire was uncomfortable, and school administrators allegedly asked her to change.

Kaitlyn Juvik Went Bra-Less To High School, Sparks Controversy

According to one account, Kaitlyn received a dress code infraction as a result of the allegation.

Steve Thennis, the principal of the school, argued that the problem wasn’t that she wasn’t wearing a bra, but by withholding specifics about the infraction, he stoked rumors.

“I’m not going to check student’s undergarments,” Thennis said. “We are going to ask them to dress appropriately and if we feel it is inappropriate, male or female, we are going to ask them to cover up,” he added.

However, Thennis did mention that Juvik needed to cover up, suggesting that they might have had a problem with her shirt being too exposed.

What I was confronted about was wrong,” Kaitlyn told KRTV. “As long as nothing is showing and you’re covered up, girls should not have to wear a bra,” she said.

She told the world the truth about her circumstance in a Facebook post that included the image below.

“If anyone is curious, THIS is the shirt I was wearing when I was called out!!!”

Kaitlyn Juvik Went Bra-Less To High School, Sparks Controversy

In the photo caption, the frustrated student explained that her top was “not see-through” and “not inappropriate!”

She added that her undergarment, or lack thereof, was actually not visible.

“You definitely cannot tell I’m not wearing a bra unless you’re looking VERY hard! I was most definitely not wearing anything that was against the dress code!”

Upon hearing the news, fellow students rushed to defend her right not to wear a bra at school.

Students protesting the incident created a “No Bra, No Problem” Facebook page to voice their displeasure of an incident they alleged to be sexist.

“The movement for gender equality, women’s rights, & being comfortable. Against discrimination in schools, we focus on the right for girls to go braless,” the page stated.

Her mother Tami wrote a post on KXLH’s Facebook page after the story aired.

“This movement is not just about wearing/no wearing a bra,” she said.

“Our daughters are body shamed and sexualized on a daily basis.

“We need to teach them to be comfortable in their own skin and not feel like they have to under their clothes. The schools have bigger fish to fry than worrying about whether or not my daughter is wearing a bra!” she exclaimed.

“Ask your daughters if they wear a bra on a regular basis, I think you will be surprised by the answer!”

This topic doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, that much is certain.

In order to ensure that women and girls can wear however they like, both at work and in public places, be careful to defend your rights if something similar to Kaitlyn’s fate should ever occur to you.

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