SECRET REPORT Reveals Even Obama Doesn’t Think Sleepy Joe Can Win!

The thing about some people in life is that while they might be suited for some jobs they are untitled unqualified for others.

Look at all of the baseball managers we can seen throughout history that have been mediocre players that were somehow able to become great coaches and managers. Now, Joe Biden may have been a good Senator in terms of longevity and in the eyes of Democrats, but there are even some that think within his own party that he is not going to be the right guy in the Oval Office

After the news of Hunter Biden’s dealing in Ukraine and China, which seem to have come, in my view,  with … a little help from Joe, including, at the very least, a lift on Air Force 2 to China where Hunter inked a billion dollar deal, and a … ‘convenient’ demand to fire a prosecutor in Ukraine, Obama can not be thrilled with the position that put him in.

Personally, I would be surprised if Obama was not well aware of what was going on with Joe and Hunter and ‘getting his beak wet’ too.  However, this is just speculation.  Regardless, both ordeals make Obama look bad, and it is the Bidens that put Barry in this particular spotlight.

Now, Fox News is reporting that the image that Biden likes to portray of himself being best buddies with Barack is a false narrative, the truth is that their relationship is not so great:

‘Despite the best-friend bond Joe Biden touts with former President Obama, tensions have lingered between the two statesmen over their vastly different governing styles, according to a Politico report.

To start, a number of anonymously sourced quotes from Obama leaked out throughout the 2020 Biden campaign where the former president allegedly expressed doubts about his former running mates’ fitness for office.

Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f–k things up,” one Democrat who spoke to the former president recalled him saying.’

Now, this makes a lot more sense to me.  It’s not a secret that Joe Biden has a problem keeping his mouth shut.

If there is one thing I will give Obama credit for, it is that he is as polished as any politician I have ever seen.  Like him or not, the man exudes the a confidence and calmness that Americans have come to expect from their President.  If there is anything to say about Joe, it’s that he is neither of these things.

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