All of the Democratic party poll people like to make a big deal about a million things that don’t matter.

Look at the polls, for example, if they wanted to they could make up a poll saying that 102% of people were going to vote for Biden. See what I did there? A lot of polls are made up.

Except for a select few groups, most polls don’t mean a whole heck of a lot. Which means that when you find a poll that matters you should really pay attention to it.

The Democratic-led riots in Democratic cities across the country may be the turning point of the 2020 elections. Although no Democrat politician is willing to condemn the violent riots, the voters certainly are.

A whopping 72% say they want the violence stopped. No one disagrees with peaceful protests, but these have been anything but peaceful.

But what is even more worrisome for Democrats is the fact that 62% say the riots will affect their votes. That will favor Republicans. It will also favor President Trump.

Democrats have been very critical of the fact that the president has offered cities his help in stopping the riots, but Democrats don’t want them to end and they believe it will help them in November.

According to the Rasmussen poll, 72% are concerned with the rioting with 43% who are very worried. 62% say it will affect the way they vote, with 35% who say it will affect their voting a lot. The Democratic from Schumer and Pelosi on down have expressed support and call the rioters, “peaceful protesters.”

50% of likely voters want the police to move in and stop the rioting. There is a big partisan gap. Republicans say police should stop the riots with 75% agreeing.

Independent voters approve of the police ending the rioting with a plurality of 47% while only 31% of Democrats agree. 56% of Democrats say they prefer the protests and rioting to continue.

66% of Americans are against defunding of the police where they live with 61% saying that crime will go up in areas where funding of the police is implemented.

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