Want to tell you all a little about how the military works by way of something that happened to me that hastened my honorable discharge by a couple of months. We had gotten word that they were going to be folding my job and some other jobs into other fields and that my rating was no longer going to exist after a certain date. So, I was given two choices.

I could either go back to tech school and learn a new job, which with as little time as I had left in my enlistment would have required me to reenlist. With that being off the table, the other option that was presents was that the last three months be chopped off the end of my enlistment and I basically went home about five months early once you factored in my terminal leave. The key word in all of this is OPTIONS. The military doesn’t exactly give your ass a choice.

Documentary filmmaker and the well-known powerless blowhard, Michael Moore, is calling for transgender members of the U.S. military to revolt against President Donald Trump’s proclamation that transgender people will not be allowed to serve in our armed forces.

Moore is now calling on the few transgender soldiers currently serving to “refuse to leave” if the Pentagon decides to drum them out, according to Breitbart News.

In an appearance Wednesday on The Late Show, Moore and host Stephen Colbert discussed President Trump’s announcement that transgender people will no longer be allowed to serve in the U.S. military. “He announced it today just by fiat,” Colbert said. “Didn’t talk to anybody, didn’t tell anybody. No lawyers, didn’t talk to the military, just got up this morning and said, ‘You know, let’s get those folks,’ and just tweeted it and there’s no implication of what it means. No one knows. Nobody’s answered any questions.”

Moore went on to call Trump’s tweets announcing his thoughts on transgender soldiers “disgusting.”

He also echoed the liberal refrain going around since the president’s tweets that transgender soldiers are “among America’s bravest military members,” though no one is really sure what that bromide is supposed to mean.

“What is so disgusting about this is, if you are transgender trying to get by in this society, I couldn’t think of any more brave people to have defending this country than transgenders,” Moore said.

Talk about empty rhetoric. What does that even mean? How are transgenders automatically braver than anyone else? It is pandering and infantilizing, to say the least.

After telling transgender soldiers to “refuse to leave,” the blowhard went on.

“Just say, ‘We’re not going anywhere. Come get us,’” Moore explained. “What we have is a commander in chief who is trans-Siberian. That’s maybe the bigger problem.”

Remember, Moore was one of those Hollywoodiots who claimed he wouldn’t live in the U.S. if Trump were to win the White House. He also brought that up again in his appearance on The Late Show Wednesday.

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