It’ s always great to see someone fall down and get hurt, or get beat up by good guys. Maybe even in some cases slightly electrocuted… that’s pretty funny. For some reason, observing the infliction of pain on another human being, in some sort of sinister way, gives us pleasure. But it’s never cool to see someone DIE. Like this guy. Who fell 150 feet to his death and it was all caught on camera. Rest in peace our Russian buddy. We will be sending prayers to your family.

VIA| Climbing up terrifyingly high buildings for the sake of a selfie has become something of a trend as of late. The trend, known as rooftopping, has had its fair share of casualties over the years. Sadly, despite the highly publicised dangers, thrill seekers still continue to risk their lives in pursuit of internet fame.

A prime example of rooftopping gone wrong has come from Russia, where a teenage schoolboy fell 30 meters to his death after his climb went horrifically wrong. The 14-year-old has been identified only by his first name, Maxim.

The teen had climbed onto the top of a railway bridge not far from Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow with a friend.

While his friend filmed his deadly stunt, Maxim unknowingly grabbed a high-voltage cable, giving him a massive shock and sending him flying over the edge of the bridge to his death. Many believe he would have been dead before he’d even hit the ground, since the wire zapped him with a potentially fatal 30,000 volts.

Russian transport police have since shared the video as a warning to others against performing dangerous stunts on railway lines simply to get the perfect selfie to post on social media. We can’t include the video here, though it is available HERE…

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    HA HA, dumbass….

    Accidents were invented to keep these fools from killing you !


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