NJ Liberals Beginning Full Court Press To Set The 2nd Amendment ON FIRE!

Sometimes the best way to compare something is by doing an apples to apples comparison, but comparing one type of apple to another.

Case in point, I have an external hard drive that I keep a lot of my favorite old TV shows and movies on. Whenever I have to travel for work, my wife will always remind me to bring it with me just in case there’s no internet access so I have something good to watch. Boredom can be a killer on long trips sometimes.

Anyway, this means that at least six or eight times a year I will find myself going through various stages of an airport. I will end up having to run my carryon bag through the metal detector and the TSA folks will ask me what I have on there, which usually results in a brief movie discussion. Now, imagine if you will that whenever we got to that point if I had to prove that I bought each and every one of the shows on there?

That’s how silly it would be to have special extra permits to have something on you that would normally be allowed to have anyway. See how silly that is?

A New Jersey lawmaker has introduced a bill that mandates gun owners to carry a minimum of $50,000 liability insurance.

Filed on November 25th of this year by Patricia Egan Jones, A-6003 would effectively outlaw the 2nd Amendment for anyone who can’t afford the onerous insurance policy.

The first line of the proposed legislation reads “No person shall possess a firearm unless the person has first obtained a policy of firearm liability insurance in an amount of not less than $50,000, specifically covering any damages resulting from any negligent or willful acts involving the use of that firearm while it is owned by that person.” So, basically someone could steal your gun, use it in a crime, and you’ll be held responsible.

You’d be required to carry proof of this insurance on your person at all times, or else “The seizure of the firearm by the law enforcement officer” is required.

You’ll be fined $1000 for the first offense, and $5000 for a second offense, along with the “revocation of and disqualification for any permit, identification card, or license to purchase, carry, or possess any firearm” for five years.

Prospective gun owners would be required to show this insurance before an FFL initiate the transfer of a sale of a firearm.

On the one hand, the crazed anti gun liberals want to mandate insurance. But then in some states they explicitly ban gun owners from carrying insurance, referring to it as “murder insurance.” This is what has happened in New York and Washington. In fact, some brokers are even being fined. So what insurance company would underwrite this theoretical New Jersey policy when they could later face fines for complying with the law?