While ordinary Americans are afraid and confused about Biden’s mask mandates, Biden himself can be seen mingling with maskless people – this is a clear violation of his own mandate.

Joe Biden traveled to Allentown, Pennsylvania on Wednesday to deliver remarks on US manufacturing.

Biden rubbed elbows (literally) with maskless people after he finished his speech.

Meanwhile, Biden’s administration pushes another mandate to people who are vaccinated that they need to wear masks because they’re spreading the virus.

Joe Biden was surrounded by dozens of maskless people just one day after the CDC said vaccinated people should wear masks indoors to stop the spread of the so-called “Delta” variant.

Inside the House, Pelosi has her own version of “Mask Mandate,” and she’s even instructed her Capitol Police buddies to arrest people who aren’t wearing masks.

Meanwhile, no such mandate currently exists in the Senate. I guess Delta Variant hasn’t figured out how to get into the Senate.

Again, makes no sense.

People can’t get a straight answer as to why suddenly vaccinated people need to wear a mask.

The scuttle-butt online is that the vaccine just flat out doesn’t work, and is actually making matters worse.

Who knows, all I do know is that there’s no rhyme or reason or feeling of stability right now. It’s like a circus.

We have a wide-open border with thousands pouring through and being moved into US cities in the dark of night, and we have no proof they’re being tested for COVID, or seeing what those tests look like, or how they’re being treated. Yet, we’re all being told what a dire and “dangerous” situation this is.

If that’s the case, why wouldn’t they shut down the border?

And if wearing a mask is so important and dire right now, why was Joe Biden doing this yesterday in Pennsylvania?

You can watch the video below:

People take one look at this and get mad, and it also spreads a lot more confusion.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“I thought the Delta variant was so dangerous? lol ” 

“So, I have to wear a mask going into Shake Shake by myself, but Biden doesn’t have to wear one in a sea of people? Makes sense” 

“I can’t believe how confusing all of this is getting” 

“Most of his supporters don’t even realize yet that the “vaccinated” are spreading the disease lol” 

“This pisses me off. more elitist bullshit” 

“Biden’s gonna shut down businesses again, but he and his buddies can go mask free” 

“honestly I don’t think the people with all the info are actually scared, but they sure are trying to scare us” 

Biden and his team need to get together and figure out what the hell they’re doing.

Now, they’re giving away $100 bucks to people who get the vaccine.

This is the most bizarre and creepy stuff I’ve ever seen, and the more they push this stuff, the creepier it gets.

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