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Opinion| It has been reported that new documents have been unearthed regarding underage sex criminal and multimillionaire/friend of the Clinton family, Jeffrey Epstein, and his infamous sex trafficking case in the state of Florida.

These documents are said to “show that corrupt former FBI Directors Robert Mueller and James Comey worked with the attorney that stepped in at the last minute to hide the identity of someone powerful and rich involved in the case,” the Gateway Pundit reports.

In 2016, the Gateway Pundit reported that prior to the presidential election, former President Bill Clinton had traveled multiple times on his friend, Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express.” The men had gone to the multibillionaire’s own private “Orgy Island.”

On this island, minor girls as young as 14-years-old were pimped out to friends of Epstein. Among those friends were Clinton, Kevin Spacey, and Prince Andrew.

The Gateway Pundit reports, “The Clintons partied with Epstein while Donald Trump had him kicked out of Mar-a-Lago for hitting on a teenage girl.”

Internet sleuth, author and producer, Mike Cernovich, has now revealed more information regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex case in the state of Florida.

Cernovich tweeted, “Who are the two mystery people fighting to keep details related to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex crime from becoming public?”

Mike Cernovich asked for the documents having to do with Epstein’s case months ago. Recently, the courts have given him some information, and thanks to Cernovich’s efforts we now know that the attorney trying to keep Epstein’s case records sealed also spent time working for former FBI Directors Robert Mueller and James Comey.

Cernovich tweeted, “At the 11th hour, a John Doe filed an amicus brief asking the court to keep the records in the Epstein case sealed.

Ask any lawyer – this filing is unusual and inappropriate.

It gets more interesting….

The lawyer who filed the brief?

He worked for Mueller and Comey.


Editors Note: We are relying on the reporting of the Gateway Pundit for the information in this article.  It should be treated as speculation rather than fact.

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