A college professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Michael Isaacson, has been placed on administrative leave following some very controversial social media postings.

Michael Isaacson

Extreme left wing activist and open member of Antifa, Michael Isaacson, is making quite the name for himself in the past week as his radical political position has received mainstream media coverage.

Recently Michael Isaacson ignorantly declared that the beating of people who share an opposite political opinion is within the constitutional rights of American citizens.

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Now Isaacson is making headlines once again for claiming his position at John Jay College of Criminal Justice is a glorified morgue position as his pupils will all be ‘future dead cops.’ Unfortunately for Isaacson this final posting may be the end of his educational career as he has now been placed on administrative leave.

Via Young Cons:

Remember the college professor we told you about, The one who said it was a ‘privilege to teach future dead cops?’

He got some bad news…

New York Daily News:

A worse-than-nutty professor at a Manhattan college best known for preparing students for careers in law enforcement was placed on administrative leave Friday for tweeting his excitement over the opportunity to teach “future dead cops.”

Michael Isaacson, an adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, sent the offending tweet on Aug. 23.

The tweet caught the attention of police union officials after the 29-year-old anti-fascist leader appeared on Fox News Thursday night. Three union bosses and Police Commissioner James O’Neill slammed Isaacson’s tweet.

Justice may actually be properly displayed if this psychopath is officially removed from his ability to poison the minds of the impressionable young Americans he has been allowed to educate. College professors should be required to use nonpartisan teaching methods in order to present both sides of an argument without showing a clear liberal bias.

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