In the wake of both Hurricane Harvey and Irma, celebrities have decided that donations will only be provided with a political lecture and Ben Stein has had enough.

American celebrity, Beyoncé, decided that her Hurricane relief efforts would only be provided after letting America know her political opinions regarding President Trump and racism. During such a devastating time for millions of Americans the last thing on their minds is the political turmoil that is the current American government. Having ulterior motives behind charitable donations is despicable, in all honesty the donation is unwanted if it only comes at the hands of people like Beyoncé, and Ben Stein let her know it.

Ben Stein

Via IJR:

Performers Stevie Wonder and Beyonce handed out a side of climate change and racism rhetoric along with their donations — and although everyone appreciated the help, Fox News host Neil Cavuto noted that perhaps it wasn’t the best time for a lecture.

Cavuto hosted a panel discussion on the subject Saturday morning, and actor Ben Stein stole the show:

“We don’t need Beyonce lecturing us on climate change. We don’t need Beyonce lecturing us on racism. This country in terms of racism is so much better off than it has ever been. They’re saying things can’t get worse, she doesn’t know her … behind from her elbow.”

And then he dropped the hammer on those who accuse President Donald Trump of being a racist:

“Mr. Trump is the least racist president there’s ever been — it just makes me sick to see people calling this a racist country and calla ling Mr. Trump a racist.”

Watch Here:

Stein also noted the majority of celebrities who had donated their time and money to the cause had done so without making it political — and that, he said, was what people affected by those massive storms really needed.

Compassion and empathy are the only statements necessary when donating to this kind of natural disaster. If it comes with political opinion then please keep your money and opinions to yourself.

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