There are some truly sick people in the world.

Everyday more stories emerge detailing the weird and unexpected behavior that others display. Most recently a man who was simply at a gas station to fill up his car ended up at the hospital because someone decided to tape a needle to the gas handle. Why?

Was that needle left there for someone else and this man just happened to get there first? Or did someone just decide to inflict harm upon a complete stranger? Either way one thing is sure, the world is not a safe place and caution should be applied to all situations.

Via IJR:

Jose Medina was on his way to work when he realized he needed to stop for gas.

According to Fox 11, Jose went to a gas station in Moreno Valley, California. He picked up the gas pump handle and immediately felt a prick.

He thought perhaps it had been a loose wire in the handle, but then found a needle attached to it.

His daughter Jacqueline Medina wrote on Facebook that Jose immediately told the attendant. The needle was removed, and her father went to the emergency room.

Even pumping gas is hazardous to your safety.

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