Barack Obama didn’t help with global race relations, he helped with global terrorism.

During Obama’s eight year reign he constantly promoted his passive behavior as being the key to peace on earth. Bowing to terrorism was his idea of making things better. Well it turns out that not only did this method fail, it failed miserably. Since 2011 global terrorism has more than tripled. Clearly liberals will find a way to blame this new statistic on President Trump, but the reality is Obama did nothing more than fuel the fire that is ISIS.

Via Conservative Tribune:

In its annual “Global Peace Index” for 2017, the Institute for Economics and Peace considered the “state of peace” in 163 countries, and the results were shocking and dismal.

Since 2011, or over only six years, terrorism around the world has nearly tripled, resulting in a current all-time high for terrorism and a costly bill for those fighting it, the report found, according to the Voice of America.

The report determined that world peace has been declining for the past decade, citing terrorism and conflicts in the Middle East and Northern Africa as the primary driving factors.

In fact, terrorism-related deaths had risen more than 900 percent since 2007 in the 35 countries that participate in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development — a forum for governments to work together to solve common problems, including safety from terrorism.

World peace has only dwindled in the wake of Barack Obama.

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