Have you ever done something pretty BAD and suddenly feel guilty..but no one is watching so you just go about your business? Or did someone catch you forcing you to immediately apologize? I get it. It happens. But in this case..when a dude decided to swiftly take a man’s wallet at the ATM, he instantly realized the camera watched the entire thing go down…. Watch what he does to make up for his dick move. LOL!!

VIA| You know that feeling when you do something spontaneous and then realize you’ve made a terrible mistake right after?

Texting guys when I was in high school to declare my love for them is one of the first things that comes to mind for me, but an instant fear of rejection is probably nothing compared to the what this guy felt in line at an ATM machine.

When he found himself behind a man whose wallet was sticking out of his pants, he saw a perfect opportunity to make a few quick bucks. He swiped the wallet, then looked around to make sure there were no witnesses. That’s when his eye caught the camera that had just captured his crime.

“Please forgive me, ATM gods.”


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