Black Thug Beat 94 Yr-Old WWII Vet Almost To Death But He Makes One Huge Mistake

It makes me angry that a 94-year-old woman has to live in fear of her life in her own neighborhood after surviving WWII. The man is still at large. Watch the video, and see if there’s any way you can help.

VIA| Josephine Regnier is a World War II veteran who lives alone in Chicago. Although she saw her share of hell while serving our country, the neighborhood she lives in now has become a suburban war zone that’s not much better. She was going about her weekly shopping task and felt the wrath of the violent city she lives in when it came right into her garage and tried to take her life.

According to West Side Patch, the elderly veteran was getting out of her car to go inside her home when a 200-pound black man ambushed her in broad daylight. He began beating the little old woman with a vengeance, all for her purse, when he could have simply ripped it from her hands and taken off. Instead, he left her with three fractured ribs, a black eye, a possible concussion, and other injuries, before taking off with the handbag. However, he didn’t make it too far without someone seeing what happened.

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