It’s an interesting thing when you see liberals that begin to exclude people from things despite being the so call tolerant ones. They are the ones that if you had a Donald Trump bumper sticker on your car that would stand on top of the hood and scream until someone forcibly removed them.

Discriminating based on gender is wrong, and men and women should be treated equally — right?

That’s the narrative often parroted by liberals, but it looks like their actions don’t match their words.

A few months ago, a left-leaning female comedian hosted a “women only” comedy event, and went so far as to turn away male customers at the door.

According to TMZ, Iliza Shlesinger — whose claim to fame is that she once won “Last Comic Standing” — hosted a November show labeled “Girls Night with Iliza — No Boys Allowed” at The Coronet Theater in Los Angeles.

A man named George St. George, which sounds like either a posh royal or an 1980s pop star, bought tickets to the event. The comedian gladly took his money, but allegedly didn’t let him into the show.

“St. George says he bought 2 tickets and showed up to will call to retrieve his tickets, but St. George claims he wasn’t allowed inside because of his gender,” stated TMZ.

“He goes on to say banning men is just as bad as hosting a ‘Caucasian Night’ or ‘Heterosexual Night,’ adding that Shlesinger’s show ‘repudiated hundreds of years of women’s struggles to be viewed as being equal to men,’” reported The Cut, a New York lifestyle magazine.

Maybe it didn’t occur to him to simply claim that he was a transgender woman trapped in a man’s body. They would never know what to say.

To be fair, there’s a pretty good chance that St. George’s lawsuit is meant to be a bit tongue-in-cheek. After all, he likely knew that the show was intended to be for women only but bought the tickets to prove a point… but that doesn’t detract from the fact that he does have a point.

Does the left truly want to eliminate discrimination in every form, or are they just paying lip service? For all the talk about men and women being equal, feminists seem all too eager to ban men when it suits their purposes.

A few obvious questions spring to mind. Why is it okay for a comedian to say “women only,” but not for the Boy Scouts to be a male-only club?

What would happen if, say, a man hosted a “straight men only” comedy show and turned away gay or female customers at a theater?

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