Anti Trump protests are some of the strangest things that you will ever have the unfortunate case of bad luck to see. The people that are supposed to be tolerant and caring of everyone are always the first one to jump up and start screaming like children.

It’s quite sad really, they pay absolutely no attention to what is considered common decorum no matter what side of the political spectrum. It’s like how people have their own personal lines that they never cross there are lines that are universally agreed upon to be thing you just don’t do.

You don’t go after people’s children, they do that. You go after people’s wives, they do that. Heck, how many times have we seen these people blocking the street with one of their Soros funded protests while an ambulance carrying someone that needed immediate medical attention was in it and needed to get to the hospital immediately?

The point is, they will keep on doing this kind of nonsense until someone stands up to them and actually has the guts to hit them with facts so hard that it short circuits their already faulty wiring. In other words, confuse the hell out of them with the truth.

The video below is one of the highlights from the protests last year. Protesters at the University of Washington were firmly reminded that their shouting in a library was not appreciated. This is epic!

About two dozen social justice warriors gathered in the normally quiet zone, a couple students wielding megaphones, and began to chant ‘Who’s got the power?’ ‘We’ve got the power!’ ‘What kind of power?’ ‘Equal power!’

The small protest took place about an hour after the inauguration, says the description on the YouTube video uploaded by KING 5’s Alex Rozier.

But just as the momentum is getting louder, a lone voice calling ‘Hey, hey … hey!’ interrupts the protest. Everyone quiets down as the camera dramatically pans to a young man in a dark-blue buttoned up shirt and glasses.

‘This is library!’ he scolds them.

The protesters are stunned into silence for several moments, though a few feebly call out insults, including one woman who seems to ask if he’s going to go back to Beijing. The man turns and leaves.

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