As the media spins off crap stories like ‘Trump kicks Koch Brothers off his course of no reason’…Let us tell you what REALLY happened. You’ll be applauding Trump by the end. Here’s why he did it:

VIA|First off, Hurt is the sleaze that wrote an unofficial biography of Trump ten years ago. In that book, he recounted that Ivana Trump accused her ex-husband of “raping” her in a sworn deposition during their divorce. When Ivana was asked about this during Trump’s campaign, she said it was totally without merit and that she is the best of friends with Donald Trump and they raised three wonderful children together. If someone printed vicious lies about you, would you want them on your golf course or coming up to you to shake your hand? I wouldn’t. Now, Trump did similar things against Ted Cruz which weren’t okay… but this isn’t okay either and Trump was in the right concerning what he did. The media would tell you otherwise, but that is just par for the course with them.

From Breitbart:

 President-elect Donald Trump told a critical biographer and guest of billionaire David Koch to leave his West Palm Beach golf course on New Year’s Eve, forcing Koch to leave with him.

Trump’s gesture was another slight against the pro-amnesty, pro-“free trade” billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, who opposed Trump during the Republican primary season and refused to help him during the general election. It also signals Trump will not necessarily play nice with the GOP political establishment and Beltway right.

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