KARMA: After Ben Affleck Bashed Trump for Months, His SICK Video Just Leaked & Exposes Who He Truly is

Ben Affleck has NOT had a good day. After the Hollywood actor claimed he had “no idea” his longtime friend and business partner Harvey Weinstein was abusing Women, one of the accusers came out and called Affleck a liar. Rose McGowan, who is accusing Weinstein of sexual abuse, claims Ben Affleck knew about his sick behavior. This is after Affleck condemned President Trump last year for how he treated women.

But it gets even worse. A video surfaced showing Ben Affleck in 2004 aggressively groping and fondling actress Hilarie Burton. The actress responded to the video surfacing, saying she “had to laugh so she wouldn’t cry.”

Do these Hollywood elites not realize their utter hypocrisy. Affleck has been on a crusade against President Trump since last year, all the while ignoring his pal Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual abuse. AND while he had this creepy video showing him use his celebrity to push himself on a woman.

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