Although there are some folks, like myself, that don’t go to church as much as they probably should, there is some solace in the fact that there are other ways to show your praise to God and Jesus outside of that building we are all supposed to go on Sunday.

My father is still a big Elvis fan, has been since he first heard him as a young boy. That being the case, he always said that his gospel stuff was always better than the non-gospel albums.

Kanye West is one of those people that it seems that when he turned over a new leaf, he was meaning every single word of it.  His transformation into a follower of Christ is something amazing.

Mega-rapper, Trump supporter and born again Christian, Kanye West, made a surprise appearance at a Texas jail where he performed gospel music for both male and female prisoners.

Kanye recently released his newest album, “Jesus is King,” to rave reviews. The album immediately shot to the top of the album charts, with every single on the album appearing in the top 100 songs.

The Blaze reported on West’s inspirational visit to the prison.

“You know, it really was like a worship service,” Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said.

“Very uplifting, not only for the inmates that are in here, you could see some, you know, down on their knees in prayer, to even some of our teammates that were brought to tears, even his choir,” he continued.

“Say what you want about the man. But @kanyewest and his choir brought some light to people who needed it today at the Harris County Jail,” tweeted Jason Spencer, spokesman for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.


West recently spoke about the treatment by the left he’s received since releasing his song “Closed On Sunday,” from his “Jesus is King” album.

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