Bill Gates is to face trial in the International Criminal Court for charges of “crimes against humanity,” called by an Italian MP.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is now being accused by a member of Italy’s Parliament, Sara Cunial of “working on depopulation and dictatorial control plans” around the world.

Gates is allegedly playing a sinister role in the coronavirus pandemic. The politician blasted him, the second-richest man in the world, for meddling in “global politics.”

Bill Gates has made it his mission to make headlines this year on the coronavirus.

Many of us were not aware of Bill Gates and his plans for the global community before the coronavirus pandemic.

But Gates has made headlines in the past several months and his vaccine agenda for the human race has been exposed.

Bill Gates made headlines when he told CBS News in July that “multiple doses may be necessary” to protect Americans from the coronavirus — A disease that has a lower mortality rate in children than the seasonal flu.

Bill Gates also praised China over their “handling of the coronavirus” and later trashed the US and our response to the coronavirus.

Gates is getting hammered by online media outlets as he further exposes his shockingly radical agenda for the US and the world.

In a May survey, only 55% of Americans said they would get vaccinated “if and when a coronavirus vaccine becomes available.”

That was before Gates started spouting off on his diabolical plans for the human race.

Gates through his foundation has donated over $250 million to journalism and media outlets.

As philanthropists increasingly fill in the funding gaps at news organizations—a role that is almost certain to expand in the media downturn following the coronavirus pandemic—an underexamined worry is how this will affect the ways newsrooms report on their benefactors.

Nowhere does this concern loom larger than with the Gates Foundation, a leading donor to newsrooms and a frequent subject of favorable news coverage.

The foundation even helped fund a 2016 report from the American Press Institute that was used to develop guidelines on how newsrooms can maintain editorial independence from philanthropic funders. A top-level finding: “There is little evidence that funders insist on or have any editorial review.” Notably, the study’s underlying survey data showed that nearly a third of funders reported having seen at least some content they funded before publication.

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