There she is again, Chelsea Clinton claiming to be that great intellectual thinker.

Chelsea is always making sure anyone who asks reasonable questions that Americans might have about this non-FDA-approved vaccine is silenced. She’s taken up the “vaccine torch” and is fighting the good fight – What a good, dutiful little communist she is.

Chelsea is using the “vaccine” as an excuse to try and get Tucker Carlson de-platformed.

She’s using COVID as a political weapon to exert their power and control over the people of this country. Indeed, Chelsea is now doing what every Democrat tyrant is doing in our country.

Well, Tucker got wind of Chelsea’s plot, and he addressed it last night on his show, and he gave Chelsea all the respect she deserves…which is not a whole helluva lot.

Actually, Tucker busts out laughing at one point, but can you blame him? This is Chelsea Clinton – one of the densest people on earth.

Remember the time she tweeted out that photo of Abe Lincoln in a MAGA hat and asked if it was photoshopped?

This girl isn’t too bright, sorry folks.

But regardless of the chuckles over ding-a-ling Chelsea, Tucker, once again, made some outstanding points about the vaccine and the absolute buffoons who are running our nation’s “healthcare,” including the king of all buffoons, Dr. Fauci.

Chelsea also is running her mouth about President Trump – demanding that he get a picture of himself taking the vaccine.

As if “selfie vaccines” will change millions of minds.

I’d venture that most of these high-profile people that are supposedly taking “vax selfies” may have not even taken the vax shot. It could very well be a PR stunt to hype the vaccine.

Many people are wondering why elites would want to be “lab rats” for a non-FDA-approved vaccine? That’s for peasants, right?

Furthermore, liberals think we’re as easily duped as they are – as if we don’t have minds of our own and can’t think seriously and critically about what we put in our bodies.

My Body, My Choice, remember?


Watch it here: FaRaRi/Youtube

Sources: WayneDupree

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