This makes me sick. Anyone who can sneak up behind a woman and kick her down the stairs is a coward. They just sat and waited for any female to walk by then they attack. You can just see the desire to inflict pain on her. This is what other countries have been dealing with, which is why many of them have decided to ban the flow of Muslim immigrants altogether. Let this be a lesson to us: We can’t allow people like this into America.

VIA| A German woman was walking down a flight of stairs in the Berlin Neukölln Subway station when a man came up behind her. At first it would appear as if he is also just walking down the steps, but as someone walks by the CCTV camera, you can he him raise his leg and KICK the woman’s back.

She falls down the steps, her things scattering around her. The man who assaulted her walks back up the steps as if nothing happened.

Watch the video below, but do try to avoid punching your screen:

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We can NOT allow scumbags that hurt women into our country. 

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