Illegals Ask This Insane Favor Of Obama Before Trump Takes The White House…Will He Do It?

Illegals are running in fear that President Trump is going to send them all back on a bus the day he is sworn in as the official President of the United States. Well guys, we got bad news for you! You are going to get deported for being here illegally. Good news? Trump is going to make it easier for you to become a citizen so that you can pay taxes and become a productive member of society.

VIA| The Democrats are really on a tear to get Obama to pardon illegal immigrants who came here as children before Trump takes office. They claim that it wasn’t meant to give them legal status, but that is exactly what it does.

What worries me, is that yesterday, Donald Trump started to soften towards these illegal alien children. The Washington Timeswrites today that Donald Trump’s promise to “work something out” for immigrants brought here illegally as kids is dividing fellow Republicans, underscoring how difficult it will be for Congress to take any action on immigration, whether it’s building a wall or dealing with immigrant youths.

But here is what really confuses me… while Trump talks soft on these kids, he has appointed three military legends to his cabinet that are sure to put a stop to all this. So, is this Trump throwing the Left off balance until he can take action, or is he serious? I can’t tell, but I do know there is an excellent chance that Obama will indeed pardon Dreamers before he leaves office. Nancy Pelosi is screaming for it and it would not surprise me in the least.

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