You might have lost, but you made someone a winner.

This is what exactly Michael Carsley did after losing from a bet during their fantasy football season that ended with a sweet surprise.

As the loser of his fantasy football league, Carsley’s punishment was to spend 24 hours in his local Waffle House. And for every waffle he ate, he would be allowed to leave the restaurant one hour early.

So to pass the time, he began live-streaming his punishment but also got the idea to try and raise some money to thank his server Mosammat Shumi with a generous gratuity.

Five hours, and 18 waffles later, Carsley racked up a $49.58 bill – and a $1,040 tip completely funded by friends and family (and some strangers) on Facebook.

As he handed the tip to his server, Carsley captured the waitress’ stunned reaction in a heartwarming moment at the end of the Livestream.

The server was so happy to receive the staggering amount of money from the generous donors via the live stream. She was in utter shock that she had been given such a large tip from the young man who was sent into the Waffle House restaurant to eat his way to freedom.

“This is for you. I want to say thank you very much,” Carsley told his waitress. She was floored.

“Really!? Are you for real?” said Shumi, the server who shuffled him the buttery dishes. Then she buried her head in her hands.

The gesture meant so much to the server that she shed a few tears. The video caught her covering her face as the fact sunk in that she had been handed a $1,040 tip from a fantasy football fan.

A Waffle House representative released the following statement in response to the generous tip:

“While we are sorry that Michael Carsley was unable to win his Fantasy Football league, we are honored that he chose to spend some time with us last Sunday. In doing so, he and his friends graciously turned a losing bet into something greater and extra special for our Associate, Mosammat Shumi, a beloved member of her restaurant team.

We also appreciate the way Mr. Carsley and his friends chose to recognize Ms. Shumi, a 12-year Waffle House veteran, for her service by thoughtfully pooling funds together in order to serve her such an extremely generous tip. We know it made her day, and it certainly made ours, so on behalf of our entire Waffle House Team, we thank them.

We do wish Mr. Carsley better luck with his next Fantasy Football team. But just in case, we’ll be sure to keep the waffle bakers hot and ready.”

Carsley didn’t just make the best of his situation with a good attitude. He went above and beyond and found a way to turn his own misfortune into a blessing for someone else.

Watch it here: CBSmiami/Youtube

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