One of the things that I was never able to figure out is why the mayor of a city would do something like go after their own police department.

Sure, there are exceptions to every rule but what we are about to talk about here is definitely not that exception. What it sounds like is someone getting caught trying to pull strings and the strings broke.

The mayor of an Indiana community has been charged with multiple felonies amid a heated battle with his police department.

Michigan City Mayor Ron Meer faces two misdemeanor charges of false informing and six felony counts for intimidation and official misconduct, WNDU reported. The false informing charges claim Meer’s conduct resulted “in substantial hindrance to law enforcement.”

Attorney Scott King, who was meeting with Meer to discuss the charges, said he had “no idea what the prosecutor was thinking when he brought these charges,” NWITimes reported.

“I find it absolutely incredible that any reputable prosecutor would ask for charges on the eve of an election,’’ King said. “This really has a smell to it.”

“The case has absolutely nothing to do with any election,’’ Prosecutor John Lake said in response, according to NWITimes.

Lake said the charges against Meer, which he filed Wednesday, had not been intended to be public yet.

Meer, a Democrat, is facing three challengers in the Nov. 5th election.

Meer has been battling with authorities ever since the arrest of his stepson last month on drug charges. Meer claimed the arrest was politically motivated.

“It was brought to my attention by a confidential informant that he was directed by the La Porte County prosecutor’s office and a member of the drug task force to target my son,” Meer said in a statement last month, WSBT reported. “It is no coincidence this is occurring just a couple of weeks before the election.”

Lake called Meer’s claim “completely false.”

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  1. Lisa Hawks

    gee sheriff, you sound just like Biden defending his son…all the way to getting the investigator fired


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