A good number of us are still of the generation where our teachers kept certain things to themselves because it would conflict with the job that they were supposed to be doing.

For example, there was a year-long class I had as a graduation requirement in my senior year of high school that had a lot to do with the government and how everything is supposed to work. The teacher was one of those guys that would seemingly give his opinion on everything.

That being said, judging from the way that he carried himself in the class when it came to politics, you would not be able to tell who he voted for and things like that. But everyone seems to have to go for the throat one every little thing.

Thank goodness for Campus Reform and Turning Point USA for their videos showing people like this unhinged man in the video below.

A man who claimed to teach at the University of Iowa was caught on camera berating a conservative student group while they were recruiting on campus.

Members of the campus Turning Point USA chapter captured the moment on camera. The man is an angry leftist who was behaving like a child.

Campus Reform has reached out to the University of Iowa to ask who the man is as well as for any additional comment the school has.

“You’re spouting rhetorical bulls**t you’re pulling out of your ass.”

The “teacher” is hopefully found and fired. He has no business being anywhere except anger management classes.

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