HA! Jeff Dunham Just Ripped Joe Biden To Absolute Pieces! [VIDEO]

The first few months of Joe Biden in the office is the time when we see the puppet government becomes a comedy show.

And Jeff Dunham, a ventriloquist, and comedian perfectly portray Biden in his newly released video. He uses a puppet of course to represent Joe Biden and mocks the dementia-ridden president hilariously.

There is nothing more refreshing to see someone in entertainment mock a Democrat. Comedians never shy away when Republicans are in charge but Democrats typically get kid-gloves treatment.

More details of this hilarious story from “Hollywood In Toto” reports:

Jeff Dunham’s ‘Fireside Shat’ with Biden: ‘Nobody Likes Me’

Two separate media outlets, both respected on paper, declared President Joe Biden too competent to satirize. Yes, The Washington Post and USA Today worried the new president will give comedians fits.

The first crisis of the Biden administration could be looming: America may have a president, the first in generations, who is impervious to impressionists.

Yes, someone actually wrote that. Talk about an opinion that didn’t age well. The USA Today piece isn’t quite as embarrassing, but it’s close.

Fast forward to today. Comedians are still hesitant to mock Biden, but it’s not for lack of material.

Gas prices are soaring. Inflation is crushing Middle America. Biden’s poll numbers drop to a new, shocking low every other week.

And the Commander in Chief needs note cards to process a simple social engagement. That’s when he’s not reading his directions out loud to the masses…

Enter Jeff Dunham.

The brilliant ventriloquist isn’t a political comic. He’s best known for his goofy wisecracks and indelible characters like Walter and Peanut.

He still brought out a Biden puppet to deliver the first of what may be many “Fireside Shats.” That title refers to rumors the president couldn’t hold back a bowel movement while meeting Pope Francis.

You can watch the FULL performance here: Jeff Dunham/Youtube

It’s amazing how much the puppet actually looks like him, isn’t it? And be sure to share this with the friends and family members you know will love it.

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