VIA| A clip of a guy getting knocked out after allegedly touching a young woman’s behind went viral (video below).

In the video, the young woman can be seen wearing short shorts and yelling at the guy in question for allegedly touching her butt. Suddenly, another man approaches and intervenes — shoving the guy and seemingly angling for a fight. The guy stumbles backwards into a third man, who reacts by turning around and punching him in the face.

The guy falls to the ground but quickly gets up, only to be knocked out again by another man.

“You got knocked the f*** out!” the person filming exclaims as he walks past at the end of the clip.

Many viewers felt that even though it was wrong for the guy to touch the young woman’s butt, she shouldn’t have been wearing such revealing clothing in the first place.

“He had no right to put his hands on her,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page. “That being said if she wasn’t advertising maybe he wouldn’t have thought it was an invitation. Just saying put some damn pants on that cover your butt.”

“Maybe if she wore a little longer shorts instead of having her ass hanging out that might not of happened,” another added. “Girls now days wear clothes where their breasts and buts hang out no wonder so many get assaulted. Do not touch.”

Others said that no matter what she was wearing, the man had no right to put his hands on her.

“Back in the 70’s girls wore hot pants. (maybe not quite that short but damn close ),” one viewer commented. “Never would have the guys grabbed them. And I don’t really care what she was wearing or not wearing that don’t give you the right to just reach out and grab. Hell back in the day when in high school we had a spot we’d go skinny dipping and no girl got pawed on just cause she was naked.”

“No matter what she is wearing it does not give anyone the right to touch without permission,” another ClashDaily reader added.

“He shouldn’t have touched her no matter what she was wearing!!” another wrote. “With that said, it’s also my opinion that if you’re going to dress in short shorts that half your ass is hanging out, you’re wanting attention! I’m not saying you want to be touched, but you definitely want dudes looking at you! You like the attention or you wouldn’t dress like that! Just sayin.”

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  1. Phil Lamar

    So if you have not seen how this game is played it is simple. You take one innocent dude, Black or White. Two good looking white girls with great bods. and a couple of well built black thugs that like knocking people out. You have girl one walk buy innocent man, stop and claim that he touched her. The man says no I didn’t and argues with her then another woman walks up and starts talking and saying thing. Man get irate and tells them to fuck off, Man, (Thug one) comes from the side on signal and punches innocent man and then another man (thug 2) comes in and finishes him off. It is an old game that thugs of all races like to play. There is one other player in this one act play that needs to be pointed out the cameraman.

  2. Ronnie Lee Dill Jr

    I would say something. But some people might take it the wrong way. But he looked like a piece of shit anyway.

  3. Mark Brown

    That is so not the girls fault..even if she was naked he has no right to touch her. It’s his lack of discipline.

  4. Jean

    The people in this country are FREE…Meaning they have freedom to do, to wear, to say, to act, so long as it does NOT infringe on somebody else’s freedom…Because the women was showing her ass (without being lewd and staying within the laws of the State, County, or City) does NOT give anybody the right to touch her, assault her in any way..,You cross the line …Somebody is going to get pissed and plant your ass…Maybe permenantly…”Just saying…”


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