GOP Congressman BRAVELY Exposes Name Of Whistleblower At Hearing (VIDEO)

In our great country, we are supposed to have the right to face our accuser. Well, it appears that Democrats simply do not believe that when it comes to President Trump.

They want to slide anonymous witnesses under everyone’s nose. Thing is, there are people willing to say who those hateful people are.

Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) said the name of the alleged Ukraine whistleblower at the House Judiciary Committee meeting Wednesday night to markup the two articles of impeachment against President Trump being brought by the Democrat House majority.

Gohmert said the name, without labeling him as the whistleblower, as part of a list of fact witnesses he believes should have been called to testify before the committee instead of the law professors who were called to testify.

Gohmert said:

For three years we’ve heard from people that are now in the majority talk about the ‘crimes of the President’. And where are they? Well, they kept saying, ‘Mr. President come in you gotta testify, we will be fair with you. Come tell us about the crimes. And here’s the crimes you committed.’

And where are they now that we have the articles of impeachment? Uh, a vague abuse of power, obstruction of Congress. The very things the majority has done in preventing us from having the witnesses that could shed light on this, not opinion, but fact witnesses. We needed to hear from those witnesses. People like Sean Misko, Abigail Grace, Eric Ciaramella, Devon Archer, Joe Biden, Nellie Ohr, Alexandra Chalupa and so many others. They don’t want fact witnesses. Lets hear from professors who hate Donald Trump. Who are willing to sell their education to make a point against someone they don’t like. This is a dangerous, dangerous time in America.”

Last month Gohmert said he wanted Schiff Intel committee staffers Misko and Grace to testify, as well as the alleged whistleblower, but did not say the name.